Brut(e)NFT Collection is a collection of 1,111 NFTs, each representing a Brut(e) spray bottle as a piece of 2D POP ART!

Brute is a collection of 1111 NFTs based on the popular Bulgarian brand created by social media influencer Dzami. Brute products are comprised of perfume sprays, diffusers, mouth fresheners, and the recently established Brute House restaurant.

Owners of the collection are granted the chance to win numerous gift mystery boxes, and the grand prize is Dzami’s signature Brute branded Audi A8 car or a cash equivalent.

Namics was hired to consult on the project after the initial sale had already started.  This was due to the fact that brut(e)’s prior ERC721 Smart Contract experienced a glitch that required inexplicably high gas fees, in the range of thousands of dollars, to mint an NFT after selling out 10% of the project. Our consultations concluded in finding the core of the issue in their code. As we deepened our research, we observed similar issues with the code of other larger projects of worldwide brands, which have remained undetected.

Namics was subsequently tasked with creating and deploying a new ERC721 smart contract, where gas fees remain relatively similar and do not rise exponentially when minting multiple NFTs simultaneously. The latest work on the Brute NFT project consists of creating a new free-mint project, using the latest ERC721 smart contract that we have developed, which achieved record low gas fees for mint on the Ethereum Mainnet. The aim is to support the development and sales of the first paid project, by providing current holders and future potential buyers with value stemming from Brute’s brand.

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